Le Prince OubliƩ

French inventor Louis le Prince disappears before he can premier his motion picture camera to the world. An eye witness tells us how it happened. Inspired by true events. Finalist at the 2021 Student Academy Awards.

For Kate

Hopeful young Kate seeks refuge from her home life at her neighbor’s piano, and learns a painful lesson about the extent of injustice in her neighborhood.


Devoted to the making of a miniature to cope with her grief, Maggie uncovers in the process some dark secrets behind her mother’s death.

A God and an Atheist Walk into a Bar

A weary traveler encounters Dionysus, the god of wine, at a seaside bar. After a discussion of belief, she is left wondering whether “Dino” could be merely the result of a little too much ouzo…

Fate’s Hand

Three sisters, the Three Fates, play out the game of life. The youngest learns a fateful lesson when she thinks falling in love will allow her to cheat the game.


Once upon a time there lived a princess… with much greater aspirations than finding a prince.

Subtle Vengeance

A high school graduate goes to the extreme to pay for college.